About SagaCash

The quest for a reliable, safe and secure e-currency exchange service is the key reason for the establishment of SagaCASH. A company which was founded on the 1st September 2010  and registered with the Co-operate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC).

We are a reputable exchanger and we have been satisfying thousands of customers since our service inception in 2010. Customers can place buy or sell orders after registering with us. Only verified customers can make payment through the ATM payment gateway. 

We are dedicated in providing excellent service for customers all over the world. Exchange directions for both Perfect money and Bitcoin on our site are automated. We have a modern e-payment system that supports internal transfer where customers from over the world can use electronic payment for e-currency funding. Our customer can be rest assured that all transactions made on our site are secured, with years of experience in online and offline businesses, you can be in no better place. 

Your order is handle by our experienced and highly dedicated staffs. Be rest assure that your information are secure and safe. We fulfill payment for sales order within 1 hour to 24 hours. Don`t hesitate to contact us if you need our support in completing your orders. We are online 24/7 to serve you better.

  SagaCASH was established with the intentions of helping e-currency users around the world especially Africa to safely fund their various e-currency accounts whilst also withdrawing to their different local banks with ease and safe.

SagaCASH is accredited by Perfect Money. Since inception, SagaCASH has successfully completed thousands of e-currency exchange transactions worth millions of USD with no outstanding customer claims. This singular achievement has put the SagaCASH brand on the front line as the most reliable e-currency exchanger in Nigeria and Africa as a whole..

Joining the SagaCASH network is as simple as writing your first name, this however, explains why hundreds of new sign ups are witnessed daily on our system. One can as well make good the claim that SagaCASH is the fastest growing e-currency exchanger in Nigeria.

SagaCASH has a very wonderful, experienced and friendly customer support personnels who have worked tirelessly to making sure that the standard of service here are kept at the professional level. We take seriously the issues encountered by our clients and we leave no stones in solving them.

It is also worth knowing that SagaCASH is not just an e-currency exchange company. SagaCASH is also actively involved in the web design and development market. Our professional web consultants specialize in the design and development of e-currency websites like SagaCASH.com. However, they also have the capacity to develop other websites. You may want to call on us if you have a similar project. The cost of setting up an e-currency exchange system like SagaCASH.com is N200,000.00 only.  
Here at SagaCASH, we help businesses to grow, both offline and online. You can consult our professionals should you require any help in starting a new business, so if you are thinking of opening a new online business, we can offer a helping hand especially in the study of the feasibility studies for your new business.

Having known this much about us, we want to welcome you to the world of 9ja`s MOST reliable e-currency exchanger (SagaCASH). If you are yet to choose your e-currency exchanger, CHOOSING SagaCASH will be a wise choice.